Day 9 – Create your website foundation pages

Welcome to day 9! In day 9 you will be creating the content for the foundation pages of your website. In an earlier lesson you created the foundation pages and now you will be adding the content to those pages. Specifically, you will be creating content for your about page, support page, and contact page.

At this point, you can also create some of the content that will go on your website homepage but you might find it best to create your homepage once you finish all lessons. That way you can put focus on the lead magnet you will be creating in a later lesson and the product you will be promoting.

About Page

 Believe it or not the about page of most websites is one of the most visited pages! It is also one of the most overlooked and forgotten about pages by website owners. An about page is so important because making sales online comes down to trust.

People buy from those that they know like and trust! That is why people often visit the about page. They want to learn more about the person advising them on their purchase decisions.

A great about page will build trust, connect with your audience, and provide your readers the opportunity to join your email list or purchase the products you are promoting. A great about page is more about your reader than it is you! On your about page you want to focus on your target audience and the problems you solve for THEM.

For example: Let’s say you help people with Facebook Ad campaigns.

“A great about page for this would start something like this:

 Welcome to [WEBSITE NAME] where I help people like you get amazing ROI on their Facebook ad campaigns.

 Are you struggling to run profitable ads?

 Are you sick of spending money on ads and it feels like your throwing money down the drain?

 Well what if it didn’t have to be so hard?

 Imagine you kick off an ad campaign and within just a few days you’re getting a return on investment and adding thousands of leads to your email list…”

 Notice how this about page intro is all about the potential customer and NOT the website owner?

Next, your about page can go into how your content and offers can help them overcome their struggles. You can do this by sending them to your blog. You can send them to your lead magnet, or you can send them to one of your products.

Using the same example above here is how you could transition into how you help them:

“Are you ready to maximize your ad spend, get a massive return, and add thousands of people to your email list?

 I thought so…

 Well you’re going to love it here at [WEBSITE NAME] because we have tons of free resources here on the blog to get you started like:

 >> Title of blog post 1

>> Title of blog post 2

>> Title of blog post 3

 And many more! And once you’re ready you can check out our free mini-course on The Ultimate Guide To Facebook Targeting.

 Or to find out more how I can personally help you get a return on your Facebook ads contact me on my contact page here.”

Notice all the subtle solutions to their problems that were presented. They were given blog posts to solve their problem. They were offered a free mini-course to solve their problem. Then if they wanted personal help they could reach out directly.

Your about page is all about solving your potential customers’ problem and showing them how you can solve it for them.

Support Page

 Every website needs a support page. This page will be used by customers that have issues accessing a product, can’t get their free downloads, ask questions, or any other various types of support requests.

For your support page, you can use a helpdesk tool like or you can use something as simple as a contact form or even just provide an email address for customers to email.

If you are using the contact form 7 plugin recommended earlier you can install a simple contact form that requires them to input their name, email, reason for request, and description. With the contact form 7 plugin, you can embed a form right on your support page. When your customers submit a ticket it is then emailed directly to you. This is a simple solution but very effective.

Contact Page

 Your contact page is an easy way for customers and potential customers to reach out to you. You can put your contact information such as email, phone number, address, etc. on your contact page. Or you can use a simple contact form just like you used for your support page.

 Now that you have the foundation pages created you are ready for the next step.

Action Steps:

  • Create the content for your about page
  • Create the content for your support page
  • Create the content for your contact page


In the next lesson, you will be setting up the blog for your online business.


Day 10 – Set up your blog