Day 7 – Choosing a website theme and design

In this lesson, you will be setting up the design of your website. A good website design can lead to more leads and sales! The good news is that creating a great looking WordPress website is actually pretty simple using professional themes.

There are a lot of themes out there both free and paid. When selecting a theme for your website you want to base it on a few factors:

1. Does the design help me get more leads and sales?
2. Is it user-friendly to visitors?
3. Is it user-friendly to me?
4. Does it work with my brand and brand message?
5. Does it have all the functionality that I need?

If you can check all those boxes you have a winning theme! There are lots of places to get WordPress themes. One of the easiest ways is right inside your WordPress dashboard. You can go to Appearance → Themes and then click on add new. From there you will see a number of free themes you can pick from.

You can also search for a type of theme you’re after. For example, you can type in something like “blue theme” to find themes that are focused around the color blue.

For more features and better quality design, you can consider a paid theme. Some of the top WordPress theme providers include:

And many more.


Once you have your theme selected you can make adjustments to the design to match your branding. For example, changing the link text color to one that matches your brands color scheme. Or making simple changes like the header background color.


How you adjust it and what you can adjust is dependent on the theme you’re using. The theme you choose should have instructions and tutorials for changing the needed items.


Now it is time to pick a theme that works best for your online business!


Action Steps:


  • Choose a WordPress theme for your website
  • Go through the setup steps to get your theme functional and setup how you like
  • Browse the site to ensure everything is displaying and working properly


In the next lesson, you will learn how to create a logo for your online business.


Day 8 – Create a logo for your business