Day 16 – Setup your core offer sales engine

Now it is time to set up the sales engine for your core offer. This will be the process that takes your leads and turns them into paying customers. By the time you finish this lesson you will have your sales engine on your website and ready to take paying customers.

Choose your sales engine method

There are a lot of ways to sell a product and service online. The most common ways include:

  • Sales Letter
  • Video Sales Letter
  • Webinar
  • Sales Call

And if it’s an affiliate offer it could be:

  • A bridge page
  • An Advertorial
  • Or straight promotion

The method that you choose will be determined by the offer you’re promoting and the price point. For example:

If you are selling a Facebook Advertising services for $2,500 a month it is very difficult to sale that on a simple sales page. That is a lot of money for people to spend per month and they often have a lot of questions. For a price point like this and an offer that has lots of questions it is best to sale the service over the phone.

On the other hand if your core offer is a $47 video course then a simple sales page or video sales letter can get the job done.

Or maybe you are selling a more expensive 6 week course for $997. In this case a webinar is most likely your best solution to make sales.

When choosing your method to sale do your research. See what others are doing to sell similarly priced offers in your marketplace. Are they selling via webinar, sales page, video sales letter, or phone sales? This will give you some great ideas for your own sales engine.

Sales engine for affiliate offers

If your offer is an affiliate offer then the vendor has already created one of those methods. With an affiliate offer your goal is to preframe them on the offer and then get them to the vendors’ sales engine and let it do the work.

With an affiliate offer, you can send them to a bridge page which is a page that typically includes a video of you talking about the affiliate offer, why they should get it, and how they can get it. Below the video, you can have a button that links to the vendor’s sales page with your affiliate link. A bridge page is also a great place to offer an affiliate bonus if you have one.

A similar method to a bridge page is an advertorial. An advertorial is an article or blog post that delivers helpful content related to the affiliate offer and promotes the affiliate offer within the content. As with your bridge page video, the advertorial should preframe your potential customer on the offer, why they should get it, and how to get it.

A straight promotion for an affiliate offer is something like an email that has a very brief preframe and then sends them straight to the sales page of the affiliate offer via your affiliate link.

Once you have done your research choose the method that you will use to sale.

Creating your sales engine

 Copywriting is a big part of creating an effective sales engine. Regardless of the method you use copywriting plays a major role in conversions. It’s all about what to say and when to say it.

When you’re just starting out the best way to create your sales engine is a technique called modeling. With modeling, you want to find other Sales letters, video sales letters, or webinars to model. Important: You are not copying their content.

The goal with modeling is seeing the format of their sales engine. How do they move from section to section in their presentation? By learning the way they progress through their sales engine you can use a similar progression for yours.

It is often more effective to model a sales engine outside of your niche market. This will ensure that you are not modeling something in your niche and creating a presentation that is too similar. Again, it is very important not to copy but to gather ideas and then create your own sales engine based on what you learn.

Once you have done your research you are ready to create your sales engine. If this is your first time it will take you a while. Just take it one step at a time.

Setting up your buy buttons

 The last component of setting up your sales engine is getting your buy buttons online. There are many ways to take payments online. There are simple ways such as standard PayPal buttons and then there are more complex solutions like cart software and affiliate networks.

For simplicity, you can create a standard PayPal buy button. Instructions for doing this can be found directly from PayPal here:

If you want a more robust cart solution, consider using something like:




Or if you want to use a cart platform that allows you to have affiliates you can also consider using a solution like:

Warrior Plus



Once you are all set up in your payment platform of choice get your button code and add it to your sales engine page.

Action Steps:

  • Research your niche and find products being sold similar to yours. How are they being sold?
  • Choose your sales engine method
  • Find a couple pieces of copy to model and get inspiration from
  • Set up your buy buttons


In the next lesson, you will be writing your follow up email campaign that will continue to promote your offer!


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