Day 14 – Create your thank you page

In this lesson, you will be creating your thank you page. This page is another page that is key to your online business success. Your thank you page serves a couple of major roles:

  1. It is the first page that people see after opting into your email list to get your free giveaway. This means it is a valuable asset to build trust with your new leads.
  2. It can be prime real estate for making an offer immediately after someone opts in. There’s something about a lead entering a funnel that if you hit them with the right offer they can be very likely to buy.
  3. And last but not least it should deliver the free giveaway as you promised on your opt-in page.

There are two main ways to set up your thank you page:

  1. Deliver the free giveaway as the primary goal and do a soft recommendation for your product or service.
  2. Pitch your offer and let your prospect know that they will be delivered the free giveaway via email.

Way 1 builds more trust with a prospect and can often lead to a higher long-term value per lead. However, option 2 often gets more initial sales and money made back faster.

Depending on your goals will determine which method you choose for your thank you page. If you are more interested in building a long-term sustainable business it is recommended that you go with option one.

Now let’s break down what goes on each variation.

In method one the page would follow a format like this:

Thank you for opting in! Access your free cheat sheet below:



Method 2 would be like this:

Thank you for opting in! Your free cheat sheet will be mailed to your inbox in the next 5 to 10 minutes but first, check out the special offer below:



With option one, you are immediately delivering the free giveaway and building more trust. In option two you are delaying the delivery of the free giveaway and hitting them with an offer.

Once you have chosen your method, create your thank you page and put it up on your website.

Action Steps:

  • Choose if you will add a soft recommendation offer or a direct offer on your thank you page
  • Create your thank you page and make it live on your website


In the next lesson, you will be choosing the core offer that you will promote in your online business.


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