Day 13 – Set up your lead capture page

In this lesson, you will be setting up your lead capture page for your free giveaway. It is also often referred to as a squeeze page or opt-in page. By the time you finish this module, you will have your lead capture page up on your website ready to start collecting leads.

One could argue that this might be one of the most important aspects of your online business. Getting leads is essential to earning money with your online business and capturing those leads onto an email list is one of your biggest assets.

This means a couple things:

  1. Your free giveaway offer has to be compelling and something that people want.
  2. And the copy for your lead capture page has to present that in an enticing fashion that makes people want to opt-in to download it.

There are lots of different ways to write the copy for your lead capture page but it’s often best to keep it simple. Two great formats for your opt-in page are the following.

  • Headline
  • Form
  • Button


  • Headline
  • Bullet Points
  • Form
  • Button

In addition to the items listed there, you can also add a graphical representation of your free giveaway offer if it makes your offer more enticing. This could be something like an ebook cover graphic, cheat sheet graphic, or video graphic.


 Your lead capture page headline is the second most important part of your lead capture page. Your giveaway offer itself is the most important as you first have to make sure its something people want. Since you completed that part in a prior lesson we will focus on the copy here.

Your headline should be very specific and about the end result your prospects are after. For example:

Using the example from earlier: “top three ways to keep your metabolism burning fat all day long.”

Your headline could be something like:

“Here Are The Top Three Ways To Keep Your Metabolism Burning Fat All Day Long And Shed Unwanted Fat Fast!

Their end result: Get rid of the unwanted fat.

Specifics: They are getting three ways to keep their metabolism burning.

Here is a variation of that headline:

How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Fat Fast Using 3 Simple Tips To Keep Your Metabolism burning all day.

The concept with this headline is the same but the benefit is being moved to the front.

You will want to come up with 10 to 15 different headline variations for your free offer. Then narrow it down to your favorite. After that, you can add any elements from the other headlines you wrote to make it even better. Writing your headline multiple times forces you to dig deeper and sparks new ideas for your headline you may not have thought about only writing a couple.

If you are using the first variation of the squeeze page then at this point you would place your form and button beneath the headline. If you are using the other format you will want to come up with 3 to 5 bullet points that expand into the specifics of what they will get from your free giveaway.

Here are some bullet point swipes you can use to come up with bullet points:

The number one way to ….

Exactly how to…

The single most important thing to

The big secret to…

How to ________without_________

The best way to…

My secret method to….

The easy way to…

Creating your lead capture page

 Now that you have you lead capture page copy it’s time to create the actual page. Depending on the page building tool you use will determine how you set it up. For example, Clickfunnels has direct integration with Aweber. After you integrate it with Clickfunnels it appears as a drop-down in your integration settings and you simply select the list you will be adding your subscribers to.

You will want to refer to the specific instructions in your page building tool and autoresponder for integration.

It’s best to put your lead capture page on an easy/memorable link on your website. You can put it at something like Or

Make it short, easy to remember, and something that you can easily give out over video or audio.

Action Steps

  • Choose the format you will use for your lead capture page
  • Come up with 10 to 15 different headline variations
  • Narrow your headline down to your favorite
  • Analyze to see if you can further improve it
  • Add 3 to 5 bullet points to the page if using them
  • Add your autoresponder form code to the page
  • Make the link easy to remember and give out


In the next lesson you will be creating the thank you page for your online business.


Day 14 – Create your thank you page