Day 11 – Set up your autoresponder

In this lesson, you will be setting up your autoresponder account so that you can capture leads and communicate with them via email. By the time you finish this module, you will have your autoresponder all setup and ready to connect with your lead capture page.

There are lots of different options when it comes to choosing an autoresponder. Here is a list of some of the popular autoresponder companies you can use:


Get Response

Active Campaign


Basic setup

 Although all autoresponders will have slightly different setups they all work very similar and have very similar setup processes. The first things you will need to provide will be:

Your Name:

Your From Email Address:

Your Business Address:

All of these are required from most autoresponders. Its best to have your from email address on the domain your online business is on. So if your domain is: then you from email might be


 Once you have made it through the initial setup you will set up your first email list. Lists are a way to organize and group subscribers. You might have a different list for each free giveaway you have. You may also have different lists to group buyers separately from free email subscribers. Splitting your subscribers into different groups is known as “segmenting.”

For now set up a new email list for your free giveaway that we will be covering in the next lesson. For example here is how to create a new list in Aweber:

Click on Manage lists then click on Create A List:

Next you will fill in the details for your list:

Next you will name your list and give it a description:

Name your list the name of your free giveaway. Your description can be something like “weight loss tips” or “Online marketing tips” depending on the niche that you are in.


Finally, you will set up confirmed opt-in settings

Click approve Message & Create List.

If you want to turn confirmed opt-in off go to List options → List settings

Next click on confirmed message. Scroll down to “Confirmation message settings.” Toggle the on-off button to off for “Send confirmation message for AWeber sign up form.”

It should look like this:

Autoresponder / Followup email campaigns

 In a later lesson you will be writing the email campaign for your online business. For now let’s briefly discuss what an autoresponder/followup email campaign is. In a nutshell this is a an automated series of emails that is sent to your subscribers after they sign up to join your email list.

It is commonly used to deliver your free giveaway to subscribers with the first email and then transition into a campaign that builds trust and promotes your products and offers.


 Sign up forms are the forms that are put on your website to capture lead information. Most commonly they are used to capture the Name and Email address of your subscribers. Depending on the tools you use to create your lead capture page will determine what you need to do in your autoresponder to create your forms. This will be covered in a later lesson.


 Broadcast emails give you the ability to send a real time email out to all your subscribers at once. Unlike autoresponder emails that are prepared ahead of time these emails are sent out in real time as you want to contact your email list.

Action Steps:

  • Choose an autoresponder company
  • Fill in your basic account details
  • Setup your from email address on your domain
  • Setup your first email list
  • Update your confirmed optin settings



In the next lesson you will be creating your free giveaway.


Day 12 – Create your free giveaway