Why Do You Want To Work Online?


You want to make money online because you hate your job and you hate your boss. You just want to work for yourself without having to take orders from people who know less than you do. You’re tired of being pushed around for peanuts. You’re wondering if it’s worth all the aggravation that you have to endure just to make an inadequate salary.

To make matters worse, after paying your bills, there is barely enough money left to eat, much less treat yourself to something nice.

You may just like the idea of working from home, maybe spending more time with the family and being available for your children’s school events…sports day etc. Being hands on, on a day to day basis as you watch your kids grow up and enjoy the very short, special time you have with them before they hate you and think of you as a taxi service with a built – in ATM 🙂

You might actually like your current job but you just need a little extra to pay for those things that your friends take for granted like a regular family vacation, a modern reliable car (it doesn’t have to be fancy), dining out when you want to, answering the door without the fear that it could be yet another bill collector.

Maybe you don’t have a job at all. You may have lost your job, they had to let you go to cut costs, or they fired you for whatever BS reason (not your fault, of course), you may not actually want a regular 9 to 5 because you don’t want to get into the rat race and become a wage slave. Your personality may actually render you virtually unemployable because you may be extremely argumentative, opinionated and unwilling to compromise…in short, you simply can’t get along with other people for any sustained period and working from home via the internet might be just what would suit you best.

There are so, so many reasons why people want to try to make money online. They hear of others who have done it, they may know a friend or acquaintance who is currently doing it, they receive emails telling them how easy it is to do it and they find themselves in a situation where they may not be entirely satisfied with their current circumstances.


Every reason is a legitimate reason and every individual has a reason that is unique to themselves. The internet is a fantastic resource that most of us have access to ( you certainly do because you are reading this now) and it’s potential is really infinite. The things that we can come up with to use the internet for are limited only by our imagination and innovation, so making a sustainable income online is not a thing of myth and fantasy but a very possible activity which millions of people are doing all over the world, right now as I speak.

If you want to know more about making money online, about how to do it safely, how to get started, what tools to use and everything else you need to know to start making a steady online income, then The Online Money Maze is where you can join me to receive my free coaching.

I will show you how to make your first dollar online, I will teach you about Affiliate Marketing and how to do it the right way. You will learn how to build your own money generating email list. You will learn how to utilize social media to make yourself an online income and much much more.

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