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Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat and many people take the opportunity to add a little festive spirit to their websites and blogs. So this is the ideal time for me to take a look at a few of the many free Christmas plug-ins that are available.

Now I’m not claiming they are the best Christmas plugins on offer necessarily, nor is this my top 10 list. They are just plugins whose figures show that they are reasonably popular and have decent reviews.

Christmas Ball on Branch
The first plug-in I’ll look at is called Christmas ball on branch it says that it places a christmas bauble in the top right hand corner ok let’s see.

Christmas Decoration
Right, the second one is basically showing snow falling and a festive countdown bar at the foot of the page displaying a countdown to Christmas showing how many days and hours counting down to the big day and that plugin’s called Christmas decoration.

Christmas Music
This plugin plays light and soft «Jingle Bells» music on your site. It has a pause button for when it becomes too irritating and you can switch it off.

Christmasify is an easy-to-use Christmas plugin that can add snow, santa, decorations, music and a lovely Christmas font to your WordPress website. There is a dashboard where you can select which features you wish to display.

Christmas Panda
This plugin is called Christmas Panda. It has a large elaborate dashboad area to select exactly what you want displayed on your site.
You can choose from a wide selection of Christmas decorations for the top or foot of your webpages you can opt to have the site decoration remain in it’s position or to haveit scroll up and down with the page, it’s your choice.
Christmas Panda has a popup feature as well. There is a large collection of bright, colourful Christmas images to choose from. Your selection will be displayed to your site visitors as a popup at the foot of your web pages. It can be switched off and removed with a click.

Happy Snowman
This plugin is simple and straightforward. It’s called Happy Snowman and that is exactly what it delivers…a happy, jumping snowman in the top right-hand corner of your website. It is quite unobtrusive and is not too distracting while still conveying the festive message.

Xmas Decoration
Another simple and straightforward plugin that just requires installing and activation. It the places a decorative Christmas string above the header on your site. The baubles hanging from the decoration is interactive and they move and sway when touched with the cursor.

Xmas Lights
This plugin was very disappointing as it only managed to partially display two bulbs from what I can only assume must have been an entire string. They peek out from behind the website header so I believe the rest of the string must have been behind the header itself. This maybe a clash or compatibility issue with my particular theme and not a fair refection on the plugin itself.

Well I hope you enjoyed this brief look at a few of the free plugins that are available for you to dressup you wordpress sites. If you look around you will find many many more for yourself.
Merry Christmas!

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