Day 17 – Write your email campaign

In today’s lesson, you will be writing the email campaign for your online business. This email campaign will be used in your autoresponder follow-up campaign to promote your core offer to your new subscribers. By the time you finish this module, you will have your email campaign written and added to your autoresponder.

A good email campaign will establish trust with your leads and turn prospects into buyers. A typical follow-up email campaign is anywhere from 7 to 21 emails.

Here is a good pattern to follow with your email campaign:

  • Day 1 – Welcome email and delivery of your free giveaway offer.
  • Days 2 – 4 – Trust building and content.
  • Days 5 on – Promotions for your core offer with helpful content mixed in.

Welcome Email

 Your welcome email delivers on the promise you made on your lead capture page. If you offered them a cheat sheet they will find a link to the download page with that cheat sheet. If you offered a free video you will send them the link to the page with that video.

Depending on how you set up your thank you page earlier they may already have access to the giveaway offer. However, you should always send it in the welcome email incase something went wrong and they weren’t able to access it.

In your welcome email, you can also tell them how you can help them and even passively mention the programs your offer to help them.

At the end of your welcome email you can let your new subscribers know that over the coming days you will be sending them valuable content that will help them on their journey.

Trust Building And Content

 Days 2 – 4 of your email campaign will be used to further build trust with your new prospects. A great way to do this is to deliver them tips and helpful information on the problem you solve.

For example: If you’re in the weightloss niche you might send out a meal plan, or tips on losing weight.

Another way to further their trust is sending them to valuable content on your website. Maybe you have a video you did, podcast, or blog post where you shared some really valuable information. This is great content to send to your new subscribers.


 Next, your email campaign can transition to the promotion stage. At this stage you will focus on sending your new subscribers to your offer pages. The key to success here is to mix it up. You want to look for multiple angles and ways you can promote the product and generate interest.

For example: If you are promoting a weight loss product one day you might talk about the importance of cardio exercises and then recommend the product because it has an amazing cardio routine. One day you might promote the awesome meal plan that comes included in the product. Another day you might promote the amazing testimonials that product is getting.

Be creative with your promotions. Also, don’t be afraid to mix in content in between promotions. You can even do hybrid posts.

For example, you could send your subscribers your number 1 cardio tip and then tell them if they want more like that they can get the product.

Or you can send them a PDF of a one week meal plan they can download. At the end of the PDF you let them know that the program you are promoting has a full 12 week meal plan.

Being creative like this will get more clicks and generate more sales!

Load your emails

Finally, load your emails into your autoresponder email campaign. There is a lot of debate on the frequency in which you should send out your messages. Typically anywhere between 1 – 3 days apart is a nice frequency.

Action Steps:

  • Write your welcome email
  • Write your trust building content
  • Write your promotional emails
  • Load your emails into your autoresponder campaign


In the next lesson ,you will choose your authority platform.


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