Day 15 – Choose your core offer

In this lesson, you will be choosing the core offer that you will be promoting for your online business. By the time you complete this lesson, you will have chosen your core offer.

For your online business, you need one main offer that is your primary focus. It should be the offer that you spend 90% of your time promoting and it should generate the majority of your income. By focusing on one core offer you simplify your online business and can get better results and conversions.

Your core offer can be your own product, coaching, service, or an offer that you promote as an affiliate. Your core offer should:

  1. Solve a very specific problem your target market has.
  2. Provide an amazing solution to that problem
  3. Be priced competitively in the marketplace

Affiliate offers

 If you are choosing to promote an affiliate offer as your core offer you want to make sure that it is a product that you like and fits the criteria of a good offer. It is important that you see this offer as a valuable solution to the problem you are solving for your niche market. This will allow you to sell it and promote it with confidence.

With an affiliate offer, you also want to make sure it pays out good commissions and the customers you refer are well supported. Even though you are not the product creator your reputation is on the line as you are referring people to the product. If you refer people to a bad product it will ruin their trust with you.

Find one solid affiliate offer to get behind and push it heavily. Make sure it’s a great product that you are happy to promote. It’s great if you can find a product that is higher priced or recurring to ensure you get paid great commissions.

Your own products and services

 Having one of your own products and services is great for your online business. With your own products and services, you keep 100% of the income generated from them. You are not splitting commissions with anyone else.

You also have the added benefit of not sending your leads to someone else’s customer list. When promoting an offer as an affiliate you are sending traffic to another vendor that gets to keep the buyers leads. With your own products, you are building your own list of buyer leads.

At this point, it is time to determine what core offer you will promote. With your offer you want to choose something that you feel good about promoting and will seriously get behind it. You also want to look at your potential customer and determine what is best for them to get the desired result they are after?

  • Course
  • Coaching
  • Service

You also want to look at your goals. What do you need to charge and how many do you need to sell to hit the targets you identified earlier?

Action Steps:

  • Determine if you will create your own offer or promote an affiliate offer.
  • Determine what core offer you will promote


In the next module, we will cover how to set up the sales engine for your core offer.


Day 16 – Setup your core offer sales engine